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The basic facts: I own both a tripleshot and a doubleshot. Love the triple, but can outrun the double. Searching yields only attempts to change out the LED's to hotrod either.

So - Questions:

The Shot LED's are Luxeon III's?

Luxeon III's can run at 1A?

If the 'shot battery is 2,700 milliAmp-hours, and the run times are 3.3 hrs (triple) and 5.5 hrs (double) doesn't this imply the triple is running at 820mA and the double at 491mA?

And the big one: Has anyone tried to run a doubleshot at 1 Amp with a buckpuck/etc?

It seems like such a simple idea - the 'shot housing should take the additional heat load. So why hasn't anyone written it up? Did I fall out of the box again?

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I would have a read of the threads here (read itsdoable's post) and here first. ;)

It's certainly an easier modification then playing around with emitters and optics, but total gains may be negligible. I would recommend doing some measuring with your multimeter and working out the numbers first, to get an idea of what's actually going on.

Personally, judging by the numbers in the other threads I mentioned you probably wouldn't see any real gains. Mind you a modified Double Shot with a Task Led bFlex would be pretty cool. :D :thumbsup:

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