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Limited run of 40, made in the US, $200.

I am sorely tempted, but am happy with my regular-sized Catalyst pedals and size 13.5 feet.

Length 6.3" / 160 mm

Width 4.13" / 105 mm

Thickness .6" / 16mm

Weight 600 grams per pair

Dimensions for their regular pedals:

Length - 5.6"/ 143 mm

Width - 3.75"/ 95 mm

Thickness - .6"/ 16 mm

Weight - 505 grams per pair

- Manufactured in the US by Twenty6 Products Inc. using parts and materials with a proven track record for durability and quality

- Designed to connect the front and back ends of arch of the size 13+ foot, it is the longest platform for your foot on the market

- Dual sealed bearings and DU Bushing internals

- Heat treated Cr-Mo Spindle that is compatible with a standard 15mm wrench or 6mm allen

- 18 pins per side strategically placed to maximize the new, optimized foot position possible with this design

Reg. size Catalyst pedal:

Machine Steel

The new Catalyst Pedal XL measures a mind-bending 160 mm X 105 mm, offering a full 145 mm of contact space for your foot. It is by far the biggest pedal out there and it is made specifically for the largest riders out there.

The inspiration for this new pedal was a riding buddy of mine who wears a size 14 shoe. After seeing how his foot wrapped around a normal Catalyst I realized that he wasn't getting the intended support from the pedal.

So I borrowed his shoe and got the measurements for creating a full Catalyst-like-experience for him. After getting a prototype made I let him ride them to see if they made a difference.
The next time I talked to him about them he was pretty excited. He told me that they made a noticeable difference over and above the normal Catalyst Pedals, letting him lay down more power and be even more comfortable.

Based on this feedback I did a limited run of the new XL pedal and sent a few more out for testing. The feedback from all of the testers has been interesting and needs to be kept in mind when deciding if this pedal will be right for you:

1 - If you wear a size 12 or smaller shoe then the larger pedal won't work for you. In fact, the consistent feedback from smaller footed riders (including my own experience) is that they actually have less grip than the normal Catalyst Pedals. It seems that there is a sweet spot where the platform can get too big and not let the foot grip it the same way.

2 - This is a small batch that was made in the USA and hand assembled. This means that while they have the same axle and bearings as the regular Catalyst Pedal, they will not have the same "tightness". Basically, if you grab the axle and pull on it hard you can feel a little play. The play is not noticable when riding and doesn't impact the performance of the pedals in any way but if you need a "perfect" pedal these may not be the right pedal for you.

Besides that the pedals deliver an experience for the size 13+ footed rider that nothing else can. These are literally the only pedals ever designed with your needs in mind, so nothing else can match how it supports you.

But here's the catch...we only have 40 pairs of these XL pedals in stock and once they are gone it will probably be the end of the year before we get more in stock. We have a full production model done with our usual supplier but the timeline for getting an order delivered means that you shouldn't wait if you think these are the pedals for you.

They cost $199 a pair, which is a bit more than the regular Catalyst Pedals. Being a small batch and having them made in the USA made them much more expensive to manufacture. But it also makes them a bit of a "collectors item" being the only Made In The USA pedals we've produced.

When we get a full production run done with our usual manufacturer we'll be able to offer them at a lower cost but, like I mentioned earlier, the timeline for this could take until the end of the year.

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Where on earth do you buy size 13.5 shoes? Nearly every brand that I’m aware of eliminates half sizes above 12. And I’m unaware of any brand with half sizes above 13.

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