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Hi All, new to the forum.

I'm disassembling and cleaning a 17-year old Giant mtb (light use) and i've noticed upon reassembly that there's a mild wobble when i spin the rear wheel and hold the casette I can see a slight wobble. There's also a bit of an odd 'rattle' when i spin the casette (maybe not the best description, but something does seem off).

I've checked the axle and it seems straight to me. Hub body replacement - I can pick one up pretty cheap? Visual inspection of cone and bearings looked ok to my eyes, but I'm considering replacing the bearings next. I did about 1000 miles with it this summer and didn't notice anything off, but I'd like to get her cleaned and fixed up properly without having to buy a new hub and rebuilding a wheel.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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