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We are only a few days away from general registration opening up, Feb 5th, and at this point we are about 50% full of returning riders. We are hoping to have the registration forms up on Sunday Feb 4th for people to download and mail on Feb 5th. Registration is limited to 125 riders and in the past 7 years it has filled in the first week. We will have a waiting list as usual.

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Just a few of the reasons.....

I'm glad for your interest in the Cascade Cream Puff.

I understand your dilemma. Racing is expensive! I've lost plenty of money in the past putting on this race!

Putting on any sporting event is very expensive in dollars and more importantly time!
Some of the expenses associated with putting on the CCP do include fees for land use. They also include: insurance fees, permit fees, rent fees, income tax, port-a-potties expenses, food expenses, T-shirt expenses, hat expenses, water bottle expenses, storage fees, fuel expenses, trail maintenance expenses, tool expenses, internet service provider fees, web page expenses, photo copy expenses, the list goes on and on! And one of the most important expenses is taking care of the many volunteers!

Your entry fee will get you:

1) into one of the best ultra endurance races in the world!,
2) 50% single track!
3) a T-shirt,
4) water bottles,
5) Saturday night meal,
6) Sunday morning snack,
7) Sunday night meal,
8) very good support at frequent aid stations,
9) entry into a raffle,
10) an embroidered finisher hat (if you finish the event),
11) the feeling of achievement if you finish--priceless,
12) a massage,
13) free camping,
14) a limited rider cap (keeping it small and fun for all, an intimate experience!)
15) and more (I can't think of right now).

It's a bargain!

I've personally competed in several ultra endurance mountain bike races over several years including the IDITA sport (it cost me approx $2,000.00 all told). I know some of the things that make up an excellent event. I've always strived to have the CCP be an excellent event! I believe we have achieved that goal for the past 12 years.

Once again, I'm happy for your interest in the CCP.

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