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Carvin's Cove Conditions and Rides thread

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Post conditions and upcoming rides here for the Carvin's Cove, VA trails. You can also check the Facebook group at
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Planning a ride for Sunday, 2-20-11 at 2pm, weather permitting if anyone is interested.
Great ride at Carvin's Cove today. Did 4 Gorges, Songbird, Enchanted Forest, Little Bell, Schoolhouse, Arrowhead, then Songbird and 4 Gorges backwards.

Everything was in great condition except a couple trees down across the trail (4 gorges right at the parking lot, Songbird, and two on Schoolhouse), and a very short (20') sloppy muddy section on Arrowhead.

Other than that everything was dry and in good shape. There were a few rutted sections where people were riding in the soft mud, but those will be worn in in no time hopefully.

As long as we don't get any rain this weekend, it should be a great weekend for riding.

Today was one of the best rides I've had in months. 16 miles of solo bliss.

Now if I could just find someone to ride HideeHo and Bucks with... I don't want to ride them solo and pull an RBowles...
I rode 20+ miles out there today (heh heh, the third day in a row).:D .:) 4 gorge, songbird, little bell and then the fire road to hollins. Everything looked good except for one tree down at the beginning of songbirrd. The low humidity has really helped to dry things out.:thumbsup:
Lots of trees down besides that one on Songbird, one on Arrowhead, a large group on School House, another large group at the lower end of trough. The always muddy part of Tuck-A-Way before for creek is even dried out now. Leaves have caused my last 2 wrecks they are very heavy in spot right now.
MightyDingus said:
Planning a ride for Sunday, 2-20-11 at 2pm, weather permitting if anyone is interested.
I'll be out there at around noon. Plan to ride for about 4 or 5 hours. Maybe I will run into you.

Was out there Friday and the conditions are great.
Weather permitting, riding out at the Cove on Sunday, 2-27-11 at 2pm.
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