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Carver EBB

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Just got my Carver EBB (for my GF Rig) in from being backordered for awhile, and was wanting to know if anyone has any feedback, good or bad. I usually coat the stock one with anti-seize for install. Does this one need it having the nylon bushing and all? Thanks!
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Used one on my One9 and didn't use anything on the sleeve - stopped all noise.

Where are you in NC? Chapel Hill here.
Mine will be here on Tuesday after being on backorder for a LONG time. Davis was great in responding.

I was told to run it dry. Looking forward to getting rid of the creaks and other misc sounds - assuming it works.

fleanutz said:
Used one on my One9 and didn't use anything on the sleeve - stopped all noise.

Where are you in NC? Chapel Hill here.
Up north in Statesville.;) First ride on it today and it slipped inside the bottom bracket, then chain der. May have had some residual anti seize left in there from the stock EBB. Will give another report later when the trails dry. The only thing I don't like about the design is that there is not a place to insert an allen to tighten the chain as you secure the ebb in place.
Mine would usually slip once, then I'd re-tighten with that 4mm allen and all would be fine from there.

I grabbed the BB cups or crank arms (M952) and held the BB in place that way.

I venture to Hickory from time to time. We should ride some.
I live about 8 minutes from Lake Norman State Park, and ride there quite a bit. PM me when the trails dry, and we'll go for a spin.
I just got my Carver EBB and also this from Davis Carver about care for the EBB.

Care and Feeding of the Carver Squeak-Proof EBB

1. Lubricate expander wedge faces periodically with grease. A very thin layer of grease on the threads is good, also. Any high quality grease will do
2. Do not lubricate the Delrin shell or outer surfaces
3. Use a high-quality 4 mm allen wrench to tighten expander bolt. Do not use a Ball-end Allen wrench!
4. Clockwise to tighten and counter clockwise to loosen, looking at the bolt from the non-drive side.
5. Do not overtighten. Torque setting for the expander bolt is only 100 inch pounds
6. Chain stretch and cog or chainring wear is a normal thing, especially when new. It is not the EBB slipping. It’s not uncommon to have to retighten the chain once or twice on the first ride.
7. To re-adjust the EBB, loosen the expander bolt. Then, using the 4 mm. Allen wrench as a lever, with the short end in the bolt hole and the long end against the spindle or BB cup. Rotate it in the appropriate direction. Then tighten to the recommended setting.
8. I like to leave a little residual grease in the bolt hole area to seal out dirt and grit!

Hope that helps,
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