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Carrying a watter bottle

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this may be a stupid question, bike can only fit one water bottle cage and as it's getting hot I seem to need more than one bottle (I would like to carry 2 bottles). I don't want to carry any camelbak, but see a lot of guys carrying water bottles in their rear pocket.

1. do any of you guys do this and does it stay there? ( i seem to think it would fall out)
2. have any of you found a way to carry a water bottle another way...or add a cage? (I looked into using something a Triathlon bike would use....behind the saddle)

thx in advance
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nismo96 said:
The Twofish strap on bottle cage seems like it'd be a good solution for you.

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Actually, on road rides, I often carry a bottle or two in my rear pockets if I'm riding alone. Works pretty good, and is not uncomfortable.
If I have company, one of us can wait with the bikes while the other buys water and supplies.
I carry a second bottle in a runners belt. Its comfortable and secure.

The only problem I've had with the bottle in the jersey is that it gets very warm.
Behind the saddle should work- just don't kick it when dismounting that way. I personally would not want to stuff one in my jersey pocket. Some bikes also can fit a bottle cage under the downtube. Check to make sure your bike doesn't have the necessary holes.

Or you can just quit fighting the dark side and get a Camelbak:)
ThrashNY said:
The only problem I've had with the bottle in the jersey is that it gets very warm.
So drink that one first. It's certainly in a more convenient place to remove, not sure about putting it back though.
If you use thin/road/aero style (16oz for you crazies still on the imperial system) bottles, they might be better for rear pockets rather than standard 24oz/750ml bottles.

I ran with a Camelback for the first 12 weeks or so I did crits, but since then I stopped needing it as I got fitter. I do now take a half full bottle, but it's not exactly convenient to get in and out of the cage (I need a new cage). The previous cage I was using kept dropping bottles unfortunately (in fact the first time I used it for a crit, it dropped my bottle on the third corner).

I ran with a camelback the past few years, and just went to bottles this year.

I don't mind one bottle in my rear pocket. It doesn't fall out and isn't heavy. I won't do two jersey starts feeling real uncomfortable.... therefore I have to use the camelback for over 3 hour rides still...
I ride with a bottle in the back pocket on long days, I usually use a 750ml bottle in the cage and a 50 ml in my back pocket for a long ride, both with E-load mixed in and I've been fine that way. Never lost a bottle, and don't find it really uncomfortable (I do drink the one in the pocket first though.)
I know you said you don't want to carry a camelbak. I've tried wal-mart, I've tried camel back and a few other hydration packs. I ran across Deuter and asked my wife if she had ever heard of them. (She's German and the name sounded German is why I asked her) Sure, she said, they are what almost everyone in Europe uses for hiking, mtn climbing ect...
So I took a chance and bought one... The larger 3 liter pack feels like I have nothing on. Their system is so great, nothing I've found compares to it here in the states..
I bought the Deuter Hydro EXP 12 which carries 3 liters of water.. I'm sure you can google one up.. I found a deal and got mine for 69 bux off ebay.
Plus, it uses the metric system for its volume of stage, so you get to feel like you're using a real measurement system! :)

The best I've come across as far as hydration packs go is the 2006 Camelback Rogue.
i go with the bottle in the center back pocket. i seem to drink my first bottle fast then the second one slower. so i just take it from the bottle cage and then swap them when it's empty.
My Fuel has a second bottl mount on the bottom of the downtube, but the idea of mud/crud/crap/dead worms getting thrown up on my bottle disgusts me, so I use the "standard" bottle position for shorter rides, and I have a small fanny pack that holds 2 bottles, one per side, as well as any tools/snacks/whatever necessary - plus, it carries it lower on my body - have never been big on the top heavy feeling a loaded pack (Camelback or regular ol' backpack) imparts. I alsocarry extra H2O in the car, so I can always go back and get more, if I plan the ride properly.
I don't quite understand the problems mountain bikers have with cameback style of hydration. It is far more convenient than a bottle, especially when conditions are nasty. Even for racing it makes more sense, unless you have a support system that can supply you fresh bottles.

On the road it is a different story. We are killing ourselves to be aerodynamic, so a camelback is somewhat counter-productive. I go road riding with 1-2 bottles on the bike and sometimes another (disposable) bottle in my jersey.
The only time a bottle fell out of my jersey pocket was during race when I went over the bars. I freeze mine to cool my back as it thaws.
serious said:
I don't quite understand the problems mountain bikers have with cameback style of hydration.
As noted in many, many discussions about RACING with a camelback, to me, it feels like I'm being strangled when going all-out, 100% balls-to-the-wall. That is the problem I have.

Bottles are simply more comfortable - and I usually have one with water, and the other with 'drink'.... and can carry (2) comfortably in my jersey. And yes - it's with a snug racer-cut jersey that keeps the bottles from flailing about!

Pretty simple to understand, no?
there has been a kind of holder that holds the saddle ,so that you can put one ot two bottles back the saddle.

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glenzx: Pretty simple to understand, no?

Understood. Perhaps it is a matter of caliber of racer also. I cannot easily reach back for a bottle while racing on a rigid SS. I would have to plan my drinks on flat/safe areas. I am not good enough to manage that. I need to pay attention to hydration to avoid cramps.
ThrashNY said:
The only problem I've had with the bottle in the jersey is that it gets very warm.
Freeze it then it will keep you cool until time to quaff.
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