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hey all,

great forum, going on my first real bikepack adventure next week and have a question about spare tubes + sealant. i did a search and didnt find anything, i assume this has been dealt with before??

background is i have a pugsley with homemade tubeless brew in the tubes and it has been great, no flats since i put sealant in. knowing me and how overly prepared i like to be, i wanna bring some spare tubes with me on my trip, but i dont trust just plain old tubes anymore, i want/need sealant.(or so i think)

so do i put sealant in them at home and carry the tubes, maybe not get a flat, and continue carrying them? will the sealant dry up and harden up eventually leaving me with bricklike wasted tubes/sealant in a couple months?

or do i carry 2 normal tubes and a bottle of sealant, hope it doesnt leak, and if i flat out there inject it on the road?

injecting it at home would be alot easier but not too bad out on the trail.(prestas)

thanks all
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