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I absolutely loved my Carnac MTB shoes until just recently. They were wide enough in the forefoot, didn't slip in the back, had a stiff sole but a nice grippy tread, and fantasticly comfortable neoprene lining on the parts that touched my foot.

But...they came unsewn (in a race, when else?) a couple of weeks ago. The whole top section where the 2 velcro straps just came loose and is now sticking up. The shoes were 1-2 years old, I really can't remember. I only wear them once a week for XC.

What do you think? Is that all I should expect out of an mtb shoe? In more than a dozen years of riding I've never had a shoe fall apart, I either just get sick of them, the sole comes loose, or the ratchet mech. breaks. I have tried to contact Carnac with no luck. No luck Sinclair Imports, the US distributor ( i think). I can't find any record of which mail order bike shop I bought them from, so I think I am screwed on a warranty solution.

So the question is: would you buy Carnac again? Or would you say it's ridiculous to spent $250 on shoes that will fall apart in a year or two. Thanks.
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