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Hello all -

My Northwave Iguana's are giving up the ghost and it's time to get another pair of shoes. Too bad they don't make the Iguana anymore -- I really liked that shoe. The new Northwave designs look too dorky for me (and cost too much) .

The shops near me sell only Sidi (too expensive and hot) and Shimano (don't like the fit). REI carries one Pearl Izumi shoe, which was too roomy. There are no shops with Specialized, Diadora, Carnac, LG, Adidas, or any other brand shoes anywhere near me. When Supergo in Chandler turned over to Performance, our shoe selection in AZ went way downhill.

Has anybody tried the Carnac Transalp or the Louis Garneau Ergogrip shoes? I can get both on eBay for about $80 shipped, which seems like a pretty good deal. Has anybody tried either of these?

My foot is a duck foot - wide/flat forefoot and narrow/bony heel.

Being in AZ, I also need a shoe that can take a beating from the brutal desert. It also needs to have some ability to walk without slipping on sharp rocks (another reason I had Sidi's - they are not walkable in the desert). We don't have mud, so I don't need a shoe that can deal with mud. It's also hot as hell here, so it needs to breathe.


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I have to LG Montanas, which are essentially the same thing as the Ergogrip, only with a ratchet as opposed to the third velcro strap. They are very airy shoes, amd breath pretty good. I don't use the spikes because they were beating up my kitchen floor and my wife got mad at me. Even without the spikes though, they get good grip, and seem to shed mud pretty good. I've used Sidis in the past, the Dominators and the Adrenalins, and the Garneaus breathe better than the Sidis. As far as the ratchet system, the Sidis are better than the Garneaus though.

All in all, I would recommend either the Ergogrips or the Montanas. Even though the Montanas ratchet isn't as sophisticated as the Sidis, they are about $50-$75 less money.
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