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So here they are at last.
After waiting 3 months for delivery I have to say I'm not that thrilled.
Unfortunately it snowed a few days ago so the ground lights up too much.
These shots were taken at ISO 200, [email protected] sec.
First tree is about 10 yards away, barn is about 30 yards.

First up is Tight

Next is Medium

Next is Wide

Last is the CRS-DS I modded to fit-cut the corners off and sanded smooth

So far the CRS is the best.
These shots are fairly accurate, many taken to adjust exposer prior to these being taken. The camera didn't get wide enough though for the wide lens, so it doesn't look much different from the medium-check out the spread on the tree branches on all shots for a better understanding of the pattern.
The medium would be a very nice handlebar mount, tight still is not tight enough for helmet...
The CRS seems the best of the lot for a helmet, but would like it tighter(insert joke here).

Troutie or anyone else has my permission to use the images for a beam shot comparison if they'd like to compare them in their thread.
Still waiting on other optics; Fraen reflectors like in the Aomeba's as well as another set of Fraen's.

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Cheers Joebreez I will put them in my comparison vid

I was hoping you would have good reports about the Carclo ones
shame it is a Ledil xre optic that wins your comparison.

I liked the ledil xre square ones also and the new MCE CMC -RS & SS are winning in my books for the 20mm optic crown.

I have had a close look at the CMC and it would seem that Ledil have done sone design work inside the hole where the led sits it has 4 smaller lenses designed in and it does make a difference how you allign the mce . the same goes for the LM series but does not seem to be in the EVA
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