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Carbon+roof rack+winter?

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As the title implies...

Does anyone use a roof rack with a carbon fiber bike in the middle of winter, in a state such like WI. I want to carry my carbon bike on the roof, but will the super cold and crappy weather wreak it? Although its a Trek Madone, not a mt. bike, any advice?
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i dont think carbon fiber has a minimum temperature spec; it might tho. sorry about that.

i really don't think it does tho so i think you'll be fine
shoot me in the butt with a bb gun

Common sense says CF will be less flexible when cold.

Some things are designed around this. The 787 is 50% CF composite, so unless you're riding in -40 degree weather, I wouldn't worry.
Don't you know that carbon is the most fragile substance known to man? It must only be ridden when the temperature is 70 degrees, no more, no less.Oh yeah, it also can't get wet either.

On a serious note, don't listen to all those anti carbon, fully rigid, steel fixie riders. Carbon is sound.It is found in the most high end products of virtually every industry where strength and weight is a must. Cold won't hurt your bike.
I kinda figured it would be alright. I guess if your bike can't handle rain, salt, water, whats the point of riding it?:thumbsup:
I don't have a carbon frame, but I have ridden carbon handlebars in some chilly temps here in Michigan. And if you look at the fatbike or Alaska forums, you will see that a lot of people recommend carbon bars because they feel warmer than metal bars. I'm thinking Alaska sees some low temps...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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