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A question for the wheel building gurus:

Does the added stiffness of a carbon rim alter your choice spokes for a given wheel build? Do you find that you can get away with something lighter without giving up feel/strength?

I can't find a discussion around this topic on the webs, so forgive me if it has been covered.

The context: I am going to try the LB carbon rims on my AM 29er. Currently the bike has a p35 rim + DT Comp set up in front, and a Rhyno Lite + DT comp set up in the rear. Since I cannot reuse my spokes (heartbreaking, really) I was thinking I might go to DT Supercomps since the elbow thickness is the same between the 2 spokes. I don't know what to expect with a combination of thinner spoke shaft + stiffer rim. Anybody have any experience to share?
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