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carbon monobloc for spider

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Something for Intense and Push to think over!
Found the Ultralight 3-piece Carbon Fiber X-link on the Titus Racer Titanium.
What do you think having carbon on a Spider?


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I honestly like the fact that Intense is staying away from carbon so far. I have nothing against carbon. I have bars seat posts, road frames made fully of carbon but I think too many manufacturers are using it in places were its just pointless and unecessarily adds to the cost for no real benefit, many times not even a weight reduction. Carbon links IMO are just one perfect example of this closely followed by carbon cranks.
After spending some time in the hospital as a result of a failed carbon fiber part, my mantra is "Friends don't let friends ride with carbon parts."

As Hecubus said.
as someone who owned all of the various rocker options for the Racerx/Hammerhead

I went from none, to two piece, to 3 piece aluminum to one of the first 2 prototype carbon rockers to production carbon rockers...

there was no real weight difference and no stiffness difference

looked cool... but that was about it
I have NEVER heard of one breaking... come to think of it, none of various ones ever broke

the 3 piece was stiffer than the 2 piece which was stiffer than the original pure macstrut setup which was a LOT stiffer than the original Amp (noodle) B3s
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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