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Carbon - Giant Cadex

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Dear MTBR!

Firstly, wishing you all the best for the impending festivities!

Secondly, I have an old-ish Giant Cadex, its currently running V brakes, but I quite like the idea of running disc, the front is obvious - just swap the forks, however, I wondered how difficult, or, more importantly, would it be wise to investigate building the rear triangle to accomodate disc brakes.

My thoughts were to either find something like this: ... i know its designed for Alloy frames, but, I wondered how it would get on attached to a carbon frame?

Or - find a dropout with a disc mount on it, remove the old one, and affix the new one in and add a little extra carbon, wrapped around the seat and chain stay's?

Or... do I give it up as a bad idea?

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I'm definitely no expert, but I'd be a little scared of that project. I remember the cadex being a super noodly bike, even test-riding one in a parking lot (lots of flex), and I wouldn't think the old carbon seatstays (they are carbon, right?) would do so well with the extra stress of disk brakes, especially with no brace. The minimal added benefit of rear discs for XC riding doesn't really seem worth it to me... I'd set it up as a "mullet," with a disc up front and V's in back.
Yeah, they are carbon stays, I dont have a problem with bracing it up if needs be, however, the thought of some half decent V's could well be an option, as the ones on arent exactly the greatest (avid single digits)

its currently setup as a singlespeed, and would be used for the 'ol winter training and canal path-type riding, the xc bike gets all the abuse riding normally ;)

thanks though ;)

Jonathan ;)
If you go any Helen's bike you can get this part number 210648 only cost $ 15.00. The part is made by Trek. I got one last month.
XTR V-brakes are so much nicer than the Avids, at least in my experience... I replaced the rear Avid Single Digits on my old Klein with a beat-up set of XTRs, and the difference was surprising. Good luck, whatever direction you go!

Hi there,

I'm not familiar with 'helens bike' - we don't have that/them in the UK ;) ... if you've got a link to that part, that would be most appreciated!!

ong; cool, i'll see if i can get a set of V's while I explore the option of disc, i'd be happy to say my thoughts about doing this are a little more biased to 'because i can' - moreso than a performance improvement!

cheers ;)

Jonathan ;)
I used to own one (two after the first broke) of the first generation Cadex frames. The dropouts where bolted on. I have been thinking of getting one again and making a horiziontal dropout. If you have these drop outs it should be that hard to get someone to make you a disc dropout.
Yeah, steelhead, the dropouts are bolted on. although i'm in the office at the moment and straight out after work, so wont get chance to look until late sunday

I know the driveside is, but was unsure about the left side, which is, of course, pretty useful if I intend to stick a disc brake on it.

I'd have thought bracing between the chain & seatstay, where, i guess that depends on what brake bracket I use?

Any thoughts on adding a carbon bridge, would it simply be a case of some appropriately sized carbon tubing mitred to fit and then affixed into position?

I am not so experienced with carbon, but I think that if you would remove the paint on the CS and SS and would mitter a small tibe of carbon to fit you could bond it in place and reinforce the joints with some fibers. That would be a very cool upgrade!! That would make a boring frame sudently look very interesting!
HI there,

I had thought about measuring the dia' of both stays, finding a piece of carbon tubing to the same / ever-so slightly narrower, and then bridging both a little further along the stays.

The frame could do with painting anyway, so that wouldn't be a problem.

i'll re-post to find out about what adhesive(s) can be used to affix it in place.

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