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I have a quick question. I have been riding my Trek 4900 and my GT RTS-2 to try and shed pounds, get into shape, and build endurance in my legs for Snowboarding.

I want to get a Kona Hoss Dee-Lux ASAP, but I started thinking of another type of bike too.

My question is, Can a Super Clydesdale like me 6'5" 350lbs, buy a used Trek 9.8 or 9.9 Style Mountain bike, if all I really will use it for is XC Pavement/Concrete riding?

I live in San Diego, and work is LaJolla. Everywhere you go or look, there are hills everywhere. This is where most of my workout comes from is climbing these steep hills on pavement.

Would a carbon frame hold up over time if this is the only style of riding I use it for?
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