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carbon fiber spin rear wheel

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hey i just aquired a spin carbon fiber tri spoke rear wheel, the wheel looks to be in almost new condition, there are no chips, cracks, dings etc...the wheel is true and the hubs spin smooth, im looking to sell it and i have no idea what the price of such a wheel goes for, any advice would be greatly appreciated
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i got 20 bucks... lol
Whatever you can get for it would be a good price.

There is a reason they no longer make those...

Try ebay, suckers on there will buy anything.
I used to have a pair of those wheels on my titanium about 6 years ago. They were way strong, but mine were not round! They rolled like a pair of eggs! I was able to do 180's on my bike, and the wheels could take the punishment. They were also way heavy as well. I had the ceramic rims on mine. I sold them to some guy that gave me what I paid for them.They looked cool for sure, but were not worth the $$$ that they cost.
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