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Hello to the forum community,

I'm after 10 years without nearly cycling wanting to buy a new mountain bike and I'm doubting between 2 bikes and wanted your opinion.
I'll probably do 70% non changeling routes and 30% forest routes bit more challenging without being extreme.

Both 29" and both quite the same price

1. The XC 500 Rockrider from Decathlon aluminium, with the ROCKSHOX REBA RL de 100, SRAM EAGLE GX, 12x

2. The Merida BIG NINE 3000, Carbon, Manitou Markhor Comp Air 100, Shimano SLX Shadow+ 11v'm not entirely sure about the service of decathlon, otherwise I like the Rockrider and seems a bit better equipped but aluminium with quite the same weight than the other Carbon.

Which one would you prefer?
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