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Carbon ASR Deal- perfect Vapor Trail Bike?

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How are you guys liking your carbon ASRs? I have a buddy who is freakishly fast and I was going to tempt him with the Fullcycles deal (under $3,500 for the full bike). He is looking at a used ASR for the Vapor 125 (125 miles and 20,000 feet of climbing- all at altitude) but I think the carbon ASR would be the perfect bike for that race. How are you Racers and long-termers liking it? Stiff enough, fast enough, light enough?

Here is a link to the race. It sounds suicidal except for the freakishly strong. Anyone here in it? There are 50 riders and it is by invitation only. I'm going to watch the end.
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I take it not too many here own the carbon ASR or are doing the Vapor Trail. If you do have any feedback at all on the carbon ASR, do post up. That one and the ASR-7 (or whatever it is called) are two Yetis I have not ridden.
Used2Bhard on here did the Vapor trail last year on a regular Yeti ASR. He has also owned the carbon version. You might PM him.
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