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Carbon 9.8 Remedy with ISCG tabs?

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I am looking for a FS bike, but I would like to be able to install a Hammerschmidt crank in the future. As far as I know, the Remedy 8 comes with the ISCG tabs but what about the 9.8?? Would the carbon make impossible to install the ISCG tabs? Anyone knows if Trek if working on it?

I was also looking at a Yeti 575 2010 but it seems that is does not come with the ISCG tabs.

So far the Remedy 8 seem appealing.
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Sorry, no ISCG tabs on the carbon bikes... Hammerschmidt puts a decent amount of torque on the tabs so an adapter, like the ones included in some chain guides, wont do either. Plus the 9.8's and 9.9's use drop in style BB bearings so an adapter would be useless anyway.
ISCG on 9.8

The 9.8 won't be getting tabs for 2010, you never know what will end up on there in the future. If it's a must, then go for the 8.
Just to let people know that the Hammerschmidt does not fit on the 2010 remedy 8, unless you want to grind the frame down and wave goodbye to your warranty because the swing arm gets in the way.
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