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I just spent a day testing various bikes amongst them the latest tracer 650 b and the 29er carbine.
Riding a steep twist muddy off cambre track with very little grip.

1st off
The tracer
Felt big clumsy and just wanted to go in a straight line, tested 2 of these and i must say the one that had the kenda nevagal the correct way round did give much better grip. I can imagine it is pretty comfortable at speed pounding through rock gardens though.

The Carbine 29er:
Simply blown away by this bike, it felt like a jump bike through the berms, just felt so flickable, could not believe i was on a 29er, ( and i am someone who was very against 29ers)
Climbed like a goat, insane how easily it flew up the climbs, felt stable on the off cambre straights and under braking, cant really fault this bike, even with totally the wrong type of tyres for mud it gave me enough grip to have fun.

I cant believe i loved a 29er lol, only problem is over here in the uk is costs 6.5K
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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