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I've got the Fox on there currently. At 175lbs I'm finding around 25% sag at 135lbs. It feels pretty great, but I've blown through the travel on a couple of rowdy sections. I didn't feel the bike bottom out, but the o ring was off the shock at the bottom. I'm coming from a single pivot where I was running 190psi so it feels weird to run such low pressure.

Should I up the pressure a few psi and go for 20% sag for aggressive riding or I since I'm not feeling a bottom not worry about it?

As far as settings, I'm running 5 clicks of rebound (from fastest). Feels enough. On the compression side, the shock just feels "better" and the bike a bit more responsive when in trail 1 vs descend. Maybe that's a sign of too little air pressure? Or does the slight bump in compression camping that Trail 1 gives you suit my riding style?

Thoughts, inputs, your settings?
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