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Cape cod

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I'm going to be in the cape for vacation from NJ was wondering if there's any riding on the cape...And yes i am a YANKEES FAN!!!
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theres the rail trail. theres a link on this site for trail maps.

and heres another site for some trails

uh oh...the Jersey crowd coming up northeast ...:cool:

I am in the same boat, will be there for a few days this weekend.

Looking up for info on 'dirt' rides. I was already convinced I was bringing the Road bike but apparently there are several areas where one can have fun on the dirt.

browsing a few sites I come up with OTIS, TRIAL OF TEARS and NICKERSON,

which is the most advanced? looking for rocks/roots/logs/singletrack...I usually ride all the northern new jersey parks which fit the previous description....

I saw on BIKERAG that there was a post here on MTBR about OTIS being closed for sure.
Is this true?

Also saw this on Biekerag
on the Nickerson photo sections.
From the links above Nickerson falls on the paved category with only 8mi of trails? Is riding on the dirt trails NOT legal?

Also, I am most likely bringing the SS, I dont think I need the FS bike or do i?

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bring yer road bikes.

kidding. there is more good singletrack per square mile than any other area in new england. nickerson-20+ miles, otis-20+ miles, tot, 35+ miles combined with sandwich, yarmouth-20+ miles. and there's so much more. i usually do a 50 miler that connects tot with otis and other stuff, mostly singletrack. great ride in winter especially. nickerson is probably the most beautiful/diverse riding of em all. i may go down tues/wed. weekends? forget it.

If you search this forum you should be able to find some maps or try
Trail of tears may be the safest bet - it's surrounded on all 4 sides by pretty major roads.
Most common bikes are hardtails to 5" FS

Trail of Tears - buffed out singletrack few rocks
Otis - singletrack, rock gardens & stunts
Yarmouth - buffed out singletrack

You should fine some company if you ride weekends or weekdays around 4-6pm.
Bring some OFF and check yourself for ticks post-ride
I havent rode Nickersons but Otis was a really fun place. Id prefer Otis over TOT.
Group rides at Nickerson? Used to be something going on Sundays/Wednesdays? I can find my way around, but more fun with people that know the dirt routes. I always end up about 40% on paved.

I'm 5 min.from Nick for the next 2 weeks. Nice 10 mile ride at dusk last night. Might try to get over to ToT at some point too, if the family dynamics allow ;-)

Hey Jersey Boyz,

I started Mountain biking in NJ 11 years ago (at a little place called Sourlands...), My Main bro who vacations with me at the Cape every year is also from jersey-so I'll give you some meaningful (hopefully) comparisons.

If you work the local newmarket'll discover the Cape has wonderful, I mean really wonderful mountain biking. I think there is still a sort of open group ride from the Racing lane Parking ot at Trail o Tears...

Oh, and bring beer to share! Seriously, it's a good move.

If I were to compare Cape riding to well-known Jersey places i'd say it's very similar to allaire and Hartshorne and nothing like Ringwood or Chimney Rock (though Otis has some great stunty, rocky stuff).

The riding (which is overwhelmingly tight singletrack) and the local riders both tend to be fast.

I've gone out with the ToT wednes/ friday evening crews a number of times over the past 5 years and always had a great time (just be ready to push the cadence and rail the turns!).

Nickerson is fun, but not challenging at all but still a great ride in every sense (and again, the local style is to ride it as fast as humanly possible which ramps up the challenge and the fun factor!.

Honestly, if you get out and see the riding available, I suspect you'll come away like me being very surprised and impressed by the quality and quantity of riding available on the Cape.

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As everyone has said, there is plenty of riding here on the Cape. I guess I would ask where you are staying on the Cape, and how many rides are you planning. In the summer it can be quite a trip from one side of the Cape to the other. I would recommend the s/s for most stuff, although if you hit up Otis you would enjoy the f/s for the rocks etc. There are group rides almost everyday of the week during the summer. Nickerson has group rides Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. Yarmouth has a Thursday night ride. T.O.T. has a Wednesday & Friday and I know there are group rides at Otis, but not sure of there schedule. (I live on the other end of the Cape) Enjoy your trip.
Well, awesome feedback!!

I will be staying at Harwich Port & will be there from 7/4 to 7/7, so not much time.
I am still iffy of when and what time I will ride, since we are joining some friends of ours and I am bringing my wife and 2 little ones. I am sure they wont be very happy if I am out riding all day :nono:
So I am looking for at least one ride, most likely Otis and if I can get a 2nd ride I will hit Nickerson...
or better yet, what is closer??
I will be bringing my 29er SS hard tail.

thanks for all the advice. ill be there on the 12th..then heading to the kingdom trails on the 15th YEAH!!
JBH said:
Nickerson has group rides Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday./QUOTE]

Where and when do they meet? I'd love to join the fun.

wtf...this is some kind of twisted coincidence?? :eek:
I will be hitting Kingdom 7/23 to 7/28 :eekster: (this time w/o family)

thanks for the advice again!:thumbsup:
JimZinVT said:
JBH said:
Nickerson has group rides Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday./QUOTE]

Where and when do they meet? I'd love to join the fun.

had a great bone dry 2 hour ride at tot/sandwich today with blubird sunny skies. will head over to the nickerson ride tomorrow for a 530pm start from little cliff pond. the wed nickerson ride is the longest running group ride on the cape, 22 years and running. for those that think nickerson isn't techy, some sections are more techy than any other on the cape. the ride tomorrow will be 14 miles almost all singletrack. our winter loop is 20 miles almost all singletrack, even more fun with a skiff of snow. i may ride yarmouth during the day before the group ride or surf if the waves are worth paddling out for.

Thanks for the tip Rog.....but I'm glad I got out for 14 miles this morning. It's 5:20 and a raging thunderstorm in Brewster. The 5:30 ride's going to be wet! Maybe next week though.

JimZinVT said:
Thanks for the tip Rog.....but I'm glad I got out for 14 miles this morning. It's 5:20 and a raging thunderstorm in Brewster. The 5:30 ride's going to be wet! Maybe next week though.

good on ya for gettin out this mornin. after 8 days in a row of riding in north conway, the seacoast, and cape cod + surfing 3 of the days, this morning i was ready for a break. got some last minute things done on the cape this morning and hit the road round 1130am for a traffic free drive back to the nh seacoast. been raining here a bunch. rain tomorrow, then clean surf and good riding for the weekend. get it while ya can.

Thanks for the advice!

I rode Otis and had a blast...yes, you can get lost but I had a GPS and had no problem getting back to the car...found 3 stunts, did 2 out of 3, maybe there are more...
I took the Singlespeed and it was definitely the right choice...and yes that place is fast and twisty with some nice rock/boulders to keep things interesting.
That place is like a maze, I only did 10miles because of time constraints but you can spend hours and hours just exploring.

You'll have fun Brozie, it does compare to Allaire in NJ, but with the some big rocks and a little bit more elevation.... bring the tick repelent and check yourself....I took off 3 ticks.

also did the CCRT to Nickerson park, fooled around a little in Nickeron but didnt find much, again I had to go back to the family so didnt spend tons of time exploring.
coming up all next week form PA. this is very exciting to read this board. i am bringing my ss. will be looking for nice rides and will post up here again to try to meet up with others!!
cape riding?

Hey Jomissa - did you find any riding down here?:D
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