The Canyon Spectral:On from Germany is an emtb of significance. It is a 150mm travel bike with mullet style 27/29 inch wheels powered by the latest Shimano EP8 motor. It is then finished off with the best components from Shimano, Fox, DT Swiss and Maxxis. For the enthusiast, this may be one of the best all-around emtb's around. And if the $9000 price point of the CF9 is too high, it has less expensive siblings too with the CF8 and CF7

Vital stats:

  • 150/150mm Travel
  • Mixed Wheel 27/29 inch Size
  • Shimano EP8 Powerplant
  • 22% larger 630Wh battery compared to E8000
  • Three models priced $6299 to $9000.

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  • Excellent Cornering and nimble handling
  • Active, supple, and lively suspension
  • Shimano EP8 a quiet, smooth, reliable motor system
  • Beautifully frame and paint scheme that doesn't scream e-bike.

  • Best in class Shimano shifting and braking
- Tough DT Swiss e-MTB specific wheelset
- Maxxis Minion tires need no introduction, or upgrading

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  • Seat tube is a bit slack and top tube a hair short
  • EP8 Motor rattles when coasting
-One-Piece Bar isn't ideal and is difficult to swap out.

  • Seat tubes is a bit long, limiting dropper post length
  • EP8 noise while coasting is ever-present

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Bottom LIne:
Looking at the whole price, performance, spec, looks package, this is at the top of the class. It checks all the boxes and literally needs no upgrades. Its peers are the Gen3 Specialized Levo and top Spec Trek Rail. And although we prefer the Gen3 Levo ride and performance, that bike is $15000 compared to this $9000. If you compare this top-level CF 9 build, complete with XTR bits, carbon hoops, and Fox Factory suspension to any top-shelf bike, no other emtb today competes.

The Commencal and the YT Decoy are well-heeled direct-to-consumer contenders but we feel the Canyon Spectral:On quite simply offers a more compelling overall package. It's not perfect with the slightly dated geometry and a motor that makes its presence known during descents.

But every time we ride this bike, we simply marvel at the package. And although we are upgraders at heart, we simply haven't touched the spec on this bike. Bravo Canyon and we can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve next.

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