Canyon has beefed up its family of Spectral trail bikes with options that should please just about every mountain biker. There's a new top-end carbon bike, budget-friendly alloy versions, more 29ers, new 27.5" models, and even a mixed wheel "mullet" version that looks ready to party. Read on for the complete details from Canyon.
In 2020, Canyon launched the all-new Spectral 29 CF series. It's one of the most well-rounded trail bikes we've ridden. But as versatile as the Spectral 29 CF is, some people want to rock a different wheel size or simply want the ability to choose between carbon and aluminum frames. That’s why Canyon is unveiling a complete line of Spectral trail bikes—now available in both carbon and aluminum, and in every wheel size (29er, 27.5, as well as one Mullet option).
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The special-edition Specitral Mullet also features a coil shock.
Let’s start with the wheel size bit. The Spectral family now includes full 29ers and 27.5bikes—in both alloy and carbon—as well as one carbon “Mullet” mixed-wheel size model. Looking for max speed and stability? The Spectral 29 is still the most versatile ride-anything-anywhere bike. And it's no clumsy meat plow of a wagon wheeler—Canyon intentionally kept the rear end short and the geo nicely balanced so that the bike retains a killer degree of pop and playfulness.
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Not sold on big wheels? The Spectral 27.5 should fit the bill.
The Spectral 27.5 is a great choice for riders looking for a nimble trail bike that doubles as a jump machine. Finally, if you want both the rollover of a 29er and that shorter 27.5 rear end, there is the Mullet option.
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The Spectral 29 AL 6 packs a lot of value into its $3,500 alloy chassis.
In the name of making true trail performance available to every rider, regardless of budget, Spectral AL models are now built around a brand-new alloy frame engineered to feel as close to the CF chassis as possible on the trail. To get it done, the AL uses advanced alloy-specific manufacturing processes and design innovations. At just over 3 kg, the frame weighs virtually the same as the previous Spectral AL, all while improving stiffness, handling, and performance across the board.
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The Spectral CFR is light, well-spec'd and expensive.
For riders who demand the very best, Canyon is introducing a CFR flagship model. The Spectral CFR takes no-holds-barred approach to design, engineering, and equipment,cleaving a huge 300 grams from the already-lightweight Spectral CF with no drop-off in stiffness or strength. Add in world-class components like carbon DT Swiss wheels, Shimano XTR shifting, and FOX Float X Factory suspension, and the CFR surges up the climbs and feels even more agile, more precise. A truly top-shelf tail bike in every sense of the word.

The new Spectral family also has something to offer for younger riders too, with the Spectral Young Hero ($2,299). This is the mountain bike we all wished we could have had as kids. It’s suitable for riders from 4’9” to 5’3”, and with a rock-solid spec that pulls no punches. With slightly less travel than the adult bike (150 mm front, 140 mm rear) the Spectral Young Hero also has a trick up its sleeve–kinematics designed specifically for lighter riders, letting them get the most from their suspension travel.

Canyon Spectral Family

There are eight core models in the Spectral family, beginning with the $2,299 Young Hero model and topping out with the flagship Spectral CFR ($7,499).

Spectral Young Hero: $2,299
Spectral 5: $2,899
Spectral 6: $3,499
Spectral CF 7: $4,299
Spectral Mullet CF LTD: $4,899
Spectral CF 8: $5,199
Spectral CF 9: $6,299
Spectral CFR: $7,499

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