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Can't take King headset!

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Crappy! What are you folks using for headsets on your XLT's?
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yeah, thats a bummer! i did buy a king headset too but returned it after knowing it'll not fit on an xlt frames. still have the stock cane creek on it. what about hopes?
Cane Creek, Ritchey, and FSA all make recessed-style headsets. I would buy the highest end Cane Creek. It uses a very high level bearing that has lasted through 2 years of hard riding in wet WNC conditions for me. I replaced the bearings in the stock headset with these after stock bearings crapped out after three months of riding. If you have the stock headset, Cane Creek will send you the high end bearings at a low cost- their home is in my area and I just drove there and picked 'em up. Good people to work with.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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