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cant get the bead to seat after adding Stan's

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i re-added some more Stan's on both tires. the front sealed but having a hell of a time sealing the back.. i am using compressed air and still having trouble..
any tips?
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mtnbiker72 said:
lots of thick soapy water on the bead
Yes, mega soap. I did have one time that I had to unseat both beads and then reseal, no idea why. Now I use the NoTubes injector to recharge (and initial setup) and this is a none issue.
Thanks for your reply. I have the NoTubes injector also that I could not figure out how to remove the presta valve core so I just broke the bead and added it that way. BTW. The no tube injector instructions stated that you must remove the presta valve core to inject the stans. How do u remove the core? I did not want to force it.
Do you have Notubes valves or rim strips? They have a removable core, as do the Mavic, Shimano, Bontrager, etc. If you have ghetto tubeless that is way tougher but possible.

Here is the only good picture I could find, this is a Mavic, but the NoTubes stems are the same.

Look just below the air lock nut, and you will see flats on the valve core. I use a little crescent wrench that I have had for years.
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