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i was hoping that you guys can help on this as you usually order parts online.

i'm having trouble getting a 661 coresaver here in japan as the nearest dealership is like sooo far away and they charge a very big sum for delivery (aside from the fact that it costs around 40% more here) so i was thinking of ordering from the US.

however, upon trying to order from an online store, they told us that they need a credit card that is based in the US; unfortunatley my credit card is based in Japan, so no go.

any suggestions? i know i'm whining and i should suck it up and pay the delivery fee from :(

Have you tried I live in the Midwest in the states and they were fast and cheap on what I ordered and it looks like they can ship to Japan and you can use the Japanese Yen currency but I have no idea if the shipping is reasonable or not.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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