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Can't get my tire bead to seat

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I am trying to intall new Hutchinson Octopus tires (26x2.5) Tubeless UST tires on a Sun Rim Single Track SL1 non-tubeless rim. I was initially going to run these with tubes, but I cannot get the bead to pop up onto the rim bead seat for the life of me. I have tried pulling it up by hand, soapy water (it may have been too diluted and not slippery enough) and heatin up the tire with a heat gun. I am using a floor pump to get the pressure up. Since I am using a tube, there is no problem with getting the tire to inflate, but the bead just wont seat. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot
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The Park Bead Seat Tool solves this. Most shops have it, usually underused. Use lots of soapy slick soap, as you did.
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Keep shooting air until you hear that distinctive "ping"...then back down psi to recommended presures. Done...
Zachariah said:
Keep shooting air until you hear that distinctive "ping"...then back down psi to recommended presures. Done...
You have obviously never tried to inflate a UST tire to a non UST rim using a tube have you?

As stated above, the tire seating tool could be helpful, but your best bet is to use soapy water or my absolute favorite tire-seating-aid, Pedros Bike Polish. This stuff is basicly silicone polish, so you could even substitute it with furniture polish, but either way, your best bet is high pressure, and lubrication. Soapy water is what I always use first (works the vast majority of the time) but the bike polish is what I bust out for the tough combos.

Its no surprise that you are having trouble with your set up. The parts you are using just weren't designed to be used with eachother. I would hesitate to say its goning to be impossible, but it might be. I suppose it depends on your set up. I was successful mounting a 2.5 UST minion to a DT swiss 6.1d, however it was VERY difficult to get it to finally budge. I imagine if your set up is much tighter than what I experienced, it might not be a compatible set up.

Good luck! You'll need it
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Thanks a lot, I have tried just using extremely sopy water and I also tried bike polish, and they both worked to some extent. There is a tiny little bit of the bead on one side of the tire that did not seat, but I am going to try to ride it like that for a while and see if it will shake it's way in there. I pumped it up to about 80+ psi and the bead never got up on the bench completely. I guess I may just go try the tool if I keep having this much trouble. I do think that these tires are not compatible at all with my rims and I am just gonna have to live with that I guess.

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