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I'm looking for what I thought would be a fairly standard part. A zero-rise stem, 100mm, for a 31.8 (standard) bar and a 1 1/8" steerer.

Thomson makes one, which I actually have in a 70mm version on my main bike. But this is for my beater singlespeed and I don't want to spend $80 on a stem. The bike probably isn't worth $200. I see hundreds of stems under $25 on Pricepoint, JensonUSA, Cambria, Performance, BlueSky, BikeBling, etc. But they are all 5-6 deg rise. I need 0 degree.

Any other discount parts places to check?

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You could go with a longer angled stem, remove some spacers, and get the same result.

For instance, this stem : Ravx Tempo Hi-Rider Bicycle Stem - 35 Degree : Bike Stems And Parts : Sports & Outdoors
in 120mm length and removing 70mm of spacers would give you 98.3mm reach.

Ideally, find something with a 110mm length 25-deg rise and remove 45mm of spacers.

I used this calculator
Right Triangle Angle And Side Calculator
I would verify it using trig or another calculator before spending money :)

There are adjustable stems that allow adjusting the angle. I've never had one and am not a fan of extra parts tho.

Spacers are readily available in 10mm increments.

Here's another idea: Go with a 100mm 6-deg stem, and remove 10mm of spacers. Your reach will still be over 99mm and the height will be less than 1mm off. Is it really that critical?
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