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Hi guys, I've been mountain biking for the past 9 years on cheap local brands and now I'm in the middle of deciding which reputed brand bikes I should go for (Entry-mid level). According to my budget I can go for one of these

Canondale Trail 7

Merida Matts 20

Mongoose Tyax Comp

Trek Wahoo 29er

Trek Marlin.

Which one do you guys think is the best?

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You would probably get more response from the beginners or general discussion forums

Unless you are looking at used I don't think Trek makes the Wahoo or Marlin anymore they just have the x-caliber with different builds. Which is really what the older models where too.

For about the $600 price point you will find the Trek and the Cannondale similar in terms of components. Out of what you have listed I'd stay with either Cannondale or Trek. To me one thing that stands out for the Cannondale is the tapered 1.5 head tube. If you ever decide to upgrade your fork I think you will find it a lot easier to upgrade. Also since you are going hard tail its probably worth mentioning that a 29er might suit you better.

In the end test ride as many as you can. Get the one that feels the best to you.
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