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Cannondale ships slow?

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I have a Prophet and recently asked the LBS if I could get a new stem that has more rise and is closer to my seat. They said no problem, but also told me that Cannondale takes forever to send parts. Is this true or is the LBS just lagging on thier end? How long does it take your LBS to turn around Cannondale parts that they have to order?
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I've been waiting since February for a Lefty.

Yes, they have been known to take some time to ship...
I guess the internet gods have spoken...about an hour after I posted this my LBS called me to tell me my stem was in. On the other hand it still took about 2 weeks, which in my opinion is really slow. I can't believe you've been waiting since Feb. for anything. I would be exploring all my options by that point. (death threats, car bombs, etc.)
As to the Lefty since February, that's not shipping lag, there's another issue, that's not being well communicated to you. I order from Cannondale on a Monday, I typically get a UPS confirmation within a day or so, then it's a matter of normal UPS ground shipping time. Sounds like typical bike shop crap, owners not wanting to pay alot in shipping, so they wait till they amass a number of orders from the same manufacturer, then order, to help spread the shipping around. It often helps if you say, I'll kick in an extra $5 if you order right now, while I wait. This helps on the shipping, and you know it's ordered, and was in stock, when the order was placed. It's a 3 minute phone call, if they can't do it, shame on them! Lefty fellow, badger the shop, if they can't give you an immediate, straight answer, find a better shop. I'm quite sure there's a parts problem at Cannondale, if they (your shop) can't figure this out, (and tell you) they're too dumb to trust with your fork=:)
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no lag

when i EP'd my F800, i ordered it on a monday and was riding by friday. maybe i just got lucky and they shipped a bunch of stuff two minutes after i faxed my order, but i saw my bike really fast. hopefully its the cannondale, but being a LBS employee, i hope its not them either
two weeks is about right for Cdale.but I ordered a Team hardtail frame in Febuary thinking I might have for Sea Otter. HAHAHAH it's almost July now. Hope I have for at least one race this season. But I received my replacement hardtail frame in 2 weeks.

Amesser, it took a lot of patience for me to wait as long as I did but it was worth it. I received Fox Carbon lefty about 10 weeks after order was placed.
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