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Good question. I actually looked into a Specialized FSR XC Pro, Stumpjumper FSR Comp, Santa Cruz Superlight, Cannondale Rush.

I ended up buying an '07 Rush 4 that was new but never sold.

But after riding the Rush for 300+ hrs and having jumped on a '08? Stumpjumper FSR on the trail as well as the '08? Superlight found you really can't go wrong with any of these bikes.

I really enjoy my Rush 4. It has similarly lower end components. But the Lefty provides a more accurate, light, stiff front end than the Fox forks. I like the rear of the Stumpy. It does a real nice job of separating out the pedal and bump forces. The 2 single pivots are great bikes and will do the job well. The Rush has just a tad stiffer rear than the SL. With a slack HA and low BB, really is stable at speed and can carve up the single track quite nicely. Smooths out the bumps as well as not being afraid to be pointed downhill. You do feel the terrain features more than the 4bar rear, but I think that is a rider preference. I don't want my bike to "hide" the terrain so I enjoy the single pivot.

I actually quite liked the Stumpjumper FSR. It appears the '09 XC is the previous gen Stumpy frame or at least based on it. Some nice mix of components. I've never ridden a Reba fork. But will assume it is a good enough fork.

Based on that, I would lean you towards the Spec XC pro. But if you can, test ride a couple more bikes just to reasure to yourself which one you like. See if you can demo on a trail. Also, which bike fits you better?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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