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Surprised not much Cannondale love. I guess since I'm from Pennsylvania, I may have extra appreciation for them since since some parts of the company were in PA. Also, it was my first mtb in 1990, and I still have it's direct lineage of the same bike. (I mean, I never sold or got rid of the bike, but every single part has been changed 2 or 3 times over the years.)

Cannondale treated me great over the years. They were on the forefront of aluminum mtb frame building then, and had some learning curves with us in the rocky northeast on rigid bikes with 45psi tires, but they replaced my frame with no questions asked when needed.

So, I still have my old Cannondale, with a newer low-end "M-300" frame from about 1998 or so. I'd really like to find a CAAD frame sometime to upgrade my bike that I've had for 30 years. Here it is from last Friday evening:

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Better view except I've put on an '09 XT crankset with smaller chainrings, thank god. The oem 28/38/48 was ridiculous with the 7-spd rear cassette that only went to 32 teeth. I'm too old for that!
Wheel Tire Bicycle tire Bicycle frame Bicycle wheel

I see you guys are serious about maintaining the vintage look with proper oem parts, and I love seeing that, but this bike was pretty inexpensive to get down to 24 lbs and isn't too rare to risk really thrashing it. And I just can't ride bikes without front suspension. I blame it on too much rocky riding in the 90's w/o any front suspension.

It's fun getting on the old girl with v-brakes and 550mm bars and 3x7 Gripshift on the same rides that I take my FS trail bike on.
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