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Cannondale Lefty ELO advice

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After dissassembling my ELO fork due to a faulty lock out I found the following. The itty bitty motor inside the damper assembly buzzes accordingly with the push of the ELO button, but the itty bitty shaft doesn't turn. Upon further found that the brass sliding bushing had unscrewed off of the worm gear and was free floating in the unlocked position. Also those three super itty bitty gears that drive the worm gear had flat spots, probably from some sort of seizure. Either way the motor and micro transmission are shot. Anybody have any advice or contacts to find some replacement parts or have any knowledge on the manual conversion. I can put the kit back together if I can scrounge up the parts. The fork works fine, but without the lock, which I would like to have.

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Some options were discussed here recently - check it out (especially post #21):

And welcome!
Modded it myself

thanks, I modded the fork myself, I now have manual lockout with compression damping on my ex-elo lefty.

Yeah, I saw your other thread - NICE!
As others have said no more ELO parts! My bike is back from Cannondale and I just need to go and pick it up. The total cost to me was just under 200.00 and I also had a tune up done and some shifter housings replaced. The 2001 DLR is what my fork was replaced with. I do not know if it has been re-stickered or not I have not seen the bike yet.

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