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Cannondale lefty 26" carbon wheel set

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I'm wanting to run a set of carbon rims with the rubber boot lefty fork.
Does anyone know of any?
I saw some come up on a bike that was listed on pink bike, but it's gone now. Easton maybe?

I'm fine with buying a set or if someone knows of 26" rims I can have some made.
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You‘ll most likely need to have something built. You can get 26 inch carbon rims from EBay, likely from China.
I'm fine with building something.

I know Easton made some 26" carbon rims. Does anyone else know of brands who made 26" MTB carbon rims?
I rather not risk buying something from china.
Easton, is, from China....

Just clearing that up first. And, they've been bought and sold more times than a kids bike on Craigslist, so any value the name may have had at one time years ago, is gone in a flurry of mergers and acquisitions.

I'd suggest Light Bicycle if you want decent quality without paying the Enve tax. There's others too, but I've had good luck with their stuff. Built fat, plus, road, and skinny MTB wheel sets for many customers over the last 10 years or so.

Rims, that is, then build them up with hubs you trust. I never bother with no name or Asian house brand name, stuff.
Thanks, I will have to checkout that company.
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