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Cannondale headshock reccomended air pressure

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Ok so my Moots is in the shop =[ and I've got a race tomorow. I'll be racing my cousins cannondale f600. It's got a headshock on it, that is set up way too light for me. I weigh 190 pounds and the race course is really technical. How much pressure should I run? I tried finding a manual online, but didn't have much luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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It depends on the model...there are quite a few different models out.
Try to ask this in the cannondale forum here on mtbr....
A lot of helpful folks there.
I'd say a good starting point would be your body weight minus about 30.
150-160psi should be a good starting point but it all depends on how you like your suspension set up....some folks prefer more sag, some like theirs more on the firm side.
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