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I now have three bikes in my garage to choose from. One stays and two go. My options are:
1. 2007 1FG Ultra in Medium
2. 2008 29er 1FG in Medium
3. 2009 29er 1FG in Large

My dimensions:
5'10 1/4" slightly long torso with 33" inseam (measured bare feet against a wall with a level pressed up into the crotch with same pressure of bike seat as is typical for this measurement)
My dilemma:
I have been riding the Medium 07 for about 2 years now and love the quick handling, tossability, and ease at which I can manual the front end up and over obstacles.
This bike has a 120mm stem with 5 or 6 degree rise, top tube horizontal measurement of 23.3" per Cannondale and according to my measurement saddle tip to handlebar center of 22.5". It's front to center distance (front axle to center of bottom bracket) is 26.0".
I always felt like I was at the top end of fitting this frame but after riding a Large f800 Furio frame geometry knew that was a tad on the large side possibly.

I just built up both the Med and Large 29ers.
Medium 29er Measurements:
120mm stem with 5 deg rise, 23.5 horizontal top tube and front to center of 25.7". The big problem is the saddle tip to center of handlebar measurement is 21.5" (maybe 21.6")!!! How is this? I have my saddle fore and aft set up pretty close and it's the exact same saddle and seatpost model (meaning the deficit is not coming from there). I couldn't possibly put longer then 145mm stem on there right?
Large 29er Measurements:
100mm stem with 5 degree drop, 24.5" horizontal top tube and front to center of 26.7". When I measure saddle tip to center of handlebar it's exactly 22.5 like my Medium 26" bike.

I haven't ridden the medium 29er on the trail but have ridden the Large 29er and it felt "long," and considering it's got 1.2" longer wheelbase and 1.2" longer horizontal top tube I thought I should size down and try the medium. It felt like Cadillac where my 26" felt like a Mazda Miata. The large 29er also has a "slacker" seat tube angle of 73 deg compared to both mediums at 73.5 deg. I think it's perplexing.

Can anyone explain to me how I have such a shorter overall reach on the Medium 29er and why the cockpit feels even more cramped then the Medium 26" 1FG?

Anyone with similar dimensions have experience moving from an older 26" Cannondale hardtail to the 29er's?

What's the general opinion of the community on bike size in this situation?

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fokof said:
You say you feel good on the 2007 1FG ?

I would keep the 26 and get rid of the 29ers.
Yeah I feel good on the 26" bike but I just couldn't go on without finding out what the whole 29er thing was all about. I do like the speed advantage the 29er has and I definitely felt I conserved a little more momentum on the 29er compared to the 26 in sections I ride weekly. I wasn't expecting anyone to say "keep the 26." I still have an ETSX 70 with some upgrades hanging in the garage to keep my 26" fix so I won't likely keep the 26 but I am just confused at the transition in frame geometry with the taller headtube to ground measurements and more cramped cockpit of the medium 29er. I will have to get out and ride the medium on my preferred routes to see how it feels in the real world but my quick scoot around the block and through some dirt/rock trails near my house it definitely felt more cramped.

Anyone else at 5'10" with 32-33" inseam ride F29s and if so what size, also what did you come off of if it was a Caffeine or Furio style frame?

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Doctorsti said:
I wasn't expecting anyone to say "keep the 26."
I tried 700 wheels , and I prefer by very far , the quick handling of smaller 26" wheels.

I'm 6'2" and I ride a 2005 1FG large.
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