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cannondale f5000

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Hi to everyone ,im trying to buy an cannondale f5000 sl frame or complete bike ,this is an 2000 model with world champ colors ( in the medium or large size ,it will be possible to find it anywhere ,i think cannondale does not repaint frames with this colors ,i appreciate the help if its not too much ,any info ...thanks
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i can give to you the Volvo Team Caad3

tomorrow disassembling it
i have a f3000 sl frame in team colors from white to blue but i think it is 2001 (caad 5)
it was the best aluframe they had
its for sale
That bike might be tough to find - I had one and it broke.
It cracked near the rear disc mount and I think it was a common problem.
I got the blue to white F3000SL as a replacement too.
I really should get rid of it, but it's just sooo pretty.
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