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Cannondale drivetrain

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Dear Biker,
I need some help:
I have "Cannondale" delta v700 from unknown year. I need to replace the three drivetrain rings as they are worn out. As much as I understand, it has "Shimano deore lx with the largest ring diameter of ca. 180mm and "mega drivetrain" "hollowtech crank" containing 4 bolts.
Can you advice me what I need to purchase in order to renew/replace the set? Can it be done by replacing the rings only and not the whole crankset?
Thank you in advance,
Yossi Gofer
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you need to know the BCD of the rings/crankset to find the replacement.

BCD is75 mm, 4 bolts.
are the rings thickness important?
What are the most important papameters to specify in order to purchase the appropriate rings set?

BCD measured "center-center" is 74mm, thus, according to "Sheldon", for 4-bolts rings, multiplied by 1.414 gives BCD of ~104 mm.
There are two widths, 1/8" and 3/36" where 1/8" are for singelspeed or trackbikes so you want 3/36" width on yours.

Just specify the number of teeths, you can count your old ones and select from the pricerange you like. There are tons of 104BCD chainrings to choose from.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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