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Cannondale Bad Boy SS, Genesis IO ?

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Hello, wasnt sure if I should be posting this in the beginners section or here but anyways. I am looking to get a Single speed bike which will be used primarily on road/trail, probably a 50/50 break on what sort of terrain it would be used. I guess the Genesis IO would be fine on either terrain but my main question is would the Cannondale be okay on trails or not ?

Any help much appreciated, or if there is another make/model I should be considering then please let me know. I would be getting the bike under the cycle to work scheme, so about 40% off the rrp.

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Depends on your trails. I wouldn't do anything other than rails-to-trails or urban path type riding on the cdale with the stock 28mm tires, but you could always run some 35mm low-profile knobbies and that would be fine for light XC/cyclocross conditions. Make sure you check the clearance under the fork crown for bigger tires - that is the limiting factor.

As for alternatives, just about any cyclocross bike will fit the bill nicely as a moderate trail/fast commuter bike. I had a spec Tricross which I absolutely loved and was surprised at its offroad ability. Also, look at the Surly cross-check.
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