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I am selling the first mountain bike I built for my son, which my daughter has used as a road bike only for a few years but has now outgrown. It's in very good condition I think, a few scrapes here and there but nothing terrible. Some of the decals have tears. Everything works but maybe you'd tune it up some here and there.

I started with a kids large Cannondale 24" that came with the air fork. I took off all or virtually all of the components including the wheels. I built these wheels and I have an old spreadsheet that says they weigh under 1500 grams. Spectra crankset sized for a kid (not sure anymore what length but appropriate), with BBG bash guard, Neco BB, Shimano SLX M-670 shifters, SLX M675 FD, SLX M675 RD, SLX HG 81 cassette, Deore M615 hydraulic brakes with Ashima rotors, Cane creek headset, Answer Rove 60mm stem 8 degree, Chinese carbon bars, ODI Ruffian Mini Lock-On grips, Race Face Turbine Revolution seat post, wheels are Stans Crest 24" with Novatec D771/772SB hubs and Sapim Race spokes. Bike has been set up tubeless from the beginning.

The air fork works nice and smooth, and the lockout works.

It's a 2x but my kids just effectively chose one of the front chainrings and used it as a 1x. As they got stronger, they used the larger ring. In a pinch they could use the small ring if they were normally using the larger one.

So it weighs 23 lbs 13 oz with pedals and sealant, but with a heavy 292 gram saddle, and Kenda K-Rad tires that weigh 635 grams each according to Jenson - Kenda K-Rad 24" Tire, Steel Bead | Jenson USA. I am also including two Schwalbe Rocket Rons that together weigh 860 grams. Buy a saddle that's 100 grams less and put on those tires, and you are under 22 lbs 12 oz. I don't know how much the pedals weigh, but you can probably get lighter ones there too.

I'm asking $600 plus shipping. I've shipped bikes and other large items before and can package it right. I have a good history selling on Ebay ces1965. I've also bought and sold some items on Pinkbike. Bike is located in Arlington VA near Washington DC. I'd meet you half way and drive up to a few hours round trip also.

Price lowered - if it doesn’t sell probably will part it out on eBay. Need funds for new bike

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