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Cannel trail/plunge 7/2 or 7/3?

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Wife made camping reservations this weekend in Kernville. I'd hate to be right there and not do the Cannel trail/plunge.

Anyone interested?

I don't know the trail well enough to lead the ride. I went once in Sept '05. Had a BLAST:thumbsup:, in spite of the sand and chellenging trails (ruts, etc)

Rode Just Outstanding last year too. No sand there, it was more like 8" of dirt powder! bike just kinda slid sideways down some of those trails. All good though!

The shuttle service said no bookings yet for this weekend. (Who's crazy enough to ride in this heat besides me?)

Skinny tires need not apply. Min 2.4 tire in the front and 7"-8" rotor up front would help too... My 6" rotors were BLACK by the end of lasy year's ride.

I am a C+ B- rider and I am not afraid to walk anything ;)

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