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Anyone running or tried this? I got a set used that was set up to run this way, but the previous owner didn't/couldn't get it to hold air for very long. I'm wondering if anyone else has run the Duros as a tubeless set up? Is going tubeless really worth it over using tubes? The Duros has a 28mm wide rim, and the tires are currenlty Kenda Nevegal 2.35 front, 2.1 rear. The Stans kit sounds intriguing, but I'm not sure I'm ready or willing to put in the effort to get them set up right BECAUSE I'm not sure if the benefit is really worth the trouble.

I'm a casual XC rider- don't race and split my time between mtb'ing and road riding. I've been mtb'ing since 1996, and road riding for the last 5 years.

Thanks in advance.
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