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Cane Creek Bushing question...

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Does anyone know if Cane Creek uses a different sized DU bushing for their shocks?

I've tried at least three new bushing from my local shop and they all slip in by hand without the use of a press or bushing punch. When I snug everything back up on my Superlight, there is still a great deal of slop at the mounting area of where I replaced the bushing (and an annoying creaking noise). Every bolt is torqued to spec and I just replaced the pivot bearings so this area shouldn't be an issue.

I was told from the shop owner that I bought the correct sized bushings but I'm starting to wonder since if was from a Fox service kit (the owner told me the outside diameter was a universal fit). I left a message with Cane Creek about my dilema but they haven't returned my call yet (over a week ago).

Maybe the problem is the actual shock sleeve being worn or ovalized...Ugh, I don't even want to deal with figuring out a fix for that, or worse yet, replacing the shock!

Thanks for any input,
Jeff K.
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I am quite sure that Cane creek, fox and stratos all use the same sized bushings(1/2"ID x 1/2" width) except for some ad12s that had a slightly wider bushing(9/16") but the same OD. that definately isn't the problem here. it would appear that the diameter of the hole that the bushing is supposed to slide into is too big. i would make a small shim out of a piece of soda/beer can (7/16" x 3/4") and slide it into the hole to make the diameter smaller so the bushing fits in tightly. you may need to adjust the size of the shim. i would also use a bit of loctite(green, i believe for non threaded interfaces - or blue should work as well) between the shock and shim and then between the shim and bushing. Not between the bushing and aluminum frame spacer though. it's supposed to rotate there. you might want to try a different companies DU bushing as well to see if it fits tighter. just to a bearing store with the one you have and see what they can order from a different manufacturer. it shouldn't cost more than a dollar or two each.
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Something is wrong

I have a CC AD-12 and can confirm that it uses standard bushings sizes. Both ends use 1/2" ID 19/32" OD bushings but they are different widths. You should definitely need a press (I used a nut/washer/bolt combination) to get the old bushings out and the new bushings in. If yours slipped in, something is wrong. Hopfully it was just an out of spec bushing or perhaps a metric version. If not, you may have indeed ovalized the flange.

Thank you...

I took the shock into my LBS after my original posting and showed the shop owner what was going on. He called up Cane Creek after noting that there wasn't any wear in the area the bushing fits into and ordered up a few bushings. The CC rep said that since their bushings are made "in house" there might be a slight O/D difference than the Fox ones I was using. We'll see...

If that doesn't work, I'll give the old beer-can-shim trick a try. After all, if it's good enough for airplanes it should work just fine for my shock!

Thanks again for the help, much appreciated!
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