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Hi All,

I've finally got round to finishing another trip report on my Website


for a great Road Trip we did to Canada in September 2008

Heres some Pics from the trip - and there's another 3.5 GB of pics and videos on my site

Heres the Route we took

Day 2 - Jumping Pound / Cox Ridge - very tough trail - some hike a bike

Day 3 - Lake Minnewanka - We saw 2 Grizzly Bears on this ride less than 10 meters away from us.. - no hike a bike on this trail - very nice rolling singletrack

Day 4 - Lake Louise / Canyon Creek (Excellent trail once off dirt roads)

Day 6 - Key Stone Standard Basin - Would have been fantastic ride apart from the damn rain !!!

Day 7 - Wakefiled trail - pretty hard single track from the very start - I crashed with 2 minutes of staring the ride !!

Day 8 - New Denver - Good loop ride , nice singletrack , some hike a bike up a near vertical trail

Day 9 - Wilson Creek - Superb singletrack off the beaten track (No hike a bike)

Day 10 - Seven Summits - An ok ride - But not as good as the Monarch Crest Trail in Colorado (Some hike a bike off main trail)

Day 11 - Doukhobor Draw - Nice singletarck - no hike a bike

Day 12 - Mcdougall rim trail - quite a few trees down on singletrack and a nasty fire road climb before you get to the trail proper

Day 15 - High Trail - Chilticons - Great views but a very nasty climb with hike a bike

Day 16 - Warner Lake -> Tyax Lake - Long singletrack ride with bits of hike a bike - great views and trail

Day 17 - Taylor Basin - Lick Creek trail (The best overall ride of the holiday) Plenty of Hike a bike but when not hiking the trails were great - had 2 grizzly bear encounters on this ride while riding on my own :eekster:

Close encounters of a grizzly kind

Day 18 : Whistler river runs through it -great fun xc with shore

Day 19 - Comfortably Numb - very tough xc - not sure if the rewards outweighed the effort on this ride

Day 21 - Kill me thrill me - Really didnt like this ride as the end of it was too much for me , as I wasnt used to riding those steep granite slabs

Day 21 - Ring Rip Creek - Fantastic Big chain ring blast down hill


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A1an said:
That photo taken from the kayak is absolutely breathtaking. I can't take my eyes off of it for some reason.
Same here. The surrounding mountains and the color of the water... it certainly is breathtaking.

I enjoyed the photos, zinger-uk. Looks like a great trip!

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MtnBikeNC said:
Your pics are awesome! I don't have a problem with black bears but those grizzlies would make me a bit nervous!
The Bears were the one thing I did not like about Canada

I got sick of ending a ride with a sore throat after having to shout out loud all the time when riding in trees or areas with poor visibility to let bears know I was coming.

Even doing that I was lucky or is that unlucky ? enough to see 4 Grizzly bears in the wild

We saw 2 Grizzly bears together ahead of us on the trail when we rode Lake Minnewanka trail to the cabin.

Then I saw another Grizzly as I rode up the Taylor basin rode he was coming round a corner as I was riding up to-wards him. Then I saw another Grizzly on the same ride as I headed down to-wards the Lick trail, this one didn't disappear from view and I had to ride past him to carry on with the ride ..

Its quite scary being that close to something that if it wanted to could eat you ! - Wish I hadn't watched when bears attack before we went on holiday :eek:
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