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Hi All

Well we are in Canada now :) , as promised here are some pics from our first ride

Jumping Pound / Cox Ridge which we did as a shuttle with some locals from Calgary

We were very glad that we did the ride as a shuttle as it was a pretty tough first ride for use to do, and our sea level lungs struggled to get enough air in them..

Riding up Jumping Pound switch backs (The trail was 99% rideable - but our lungs couldnt power our legs - so we did a fair bit of pushing)

It was fairly overcast and the temperature was around 18c and there were No Bugs !!

The inital climb up through the trees was pretty steep with quite a few swicth backs

Eventually we broke out of the trees into the Alpine zone

At the end of the apline meadows there was a great descent down to the climb up to Cox Hill

The climb back up to Cox Hill was fairly hard yet again our lungs let us down, and a fair bi of pushing took place ;)

We took a well deserverd rest at the top of Cox Hill

Before heading down Cox hill back to Dawsons creek trail head

The descent was great fun very steep rideable switchbacks heading down towards the trees

In the trees the trail was very rooty and rocky

Final section of track on the way back

Back at the trail head I then drove back up to the start of Juping pound so we could retrieve the other vehicle, while the ladies waited for us - luckily tyhere were hardly any bugs

It had been a great first ride with top notch company - It would have been better to have doen the ride at the end of the holiday when our lungs were use to the altitude though to cut back on the hike a bike.

On Sunday we rode Lake Miniwanka - which was a fantastic ride we saw 2 grizzley bears :eekster: about 20 meters from us but luckily for us they ran away when we started shouting at them - I've not got time to post the pics from that ride yet, as we are just about to head off to Golden now



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Nice pics! It was great riding with you two...I love showing new people some of the rides we have in the area, especially good riders who appreciate it and don't mind doing some work. At least you had the altitude to explain why you pushed a bit...not sure where that leaves me haha.
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