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Day 7

Wakefield Trail

We set off from a very wet revelstoke and drove down to New Denver taking a ferry on the way

After the ferry the weather started to get better, and by the time we had got to new Denver it had stopped raining :)

We couldn't check into our hut at villa dome so we decided to drive up to Idaho Peak

We got to the top of the peak OK - and I re-evaluated my grand plan to ride up to the peak via H road and then down Wakefield - it would be no fun riding up that road !!

So we decided that Clare would hike to the Idaho peak and I would ride down the Wakefield trail

It was quite wet and within seconds my feet were soaked by all the wet vegetation
The Wakefield trail was very narrow with a big drop to the right

Within 45 seconds of riding down the trail I crashed :eek: , my bike went off a feet down the side luckily being stopped by a tree and me to the left - glad I wore my knee pads for the first time on this holiday

I started off again on the trail riding a bit more cautiously, and stopped to take the mandatory staged photo at the old mine workings

The views were great

The top part of the trail was very narrow, slippy and had some very steep switchbacks - I made slow progress heading down the upper section

The trail became easier to ride as it dropped down into thicker trees

Eventually the trail widened up onto double track and the descent was very quick

After zooming down a forest road I ended up in Silverton and rode back to New Denver

Day 8 - Galena -> H Road -> Alamo Wagon Trail -> Old Sandon Trail

The day before we had stopped by the local bike shop , and rob had advised us that part of the H road was shut and that we should take a short cut

Today it was not raining and was sunny for change :thumbsup:

We rode up the road to the Galena trail - a nice trail which headed gradually up on double track on an old railway grade - the highlight of this was the cable car crossing of the river

We then continued along the Galena trail, we accidentaly headed off up the Old Sandon rd, before realizing and then headed back up H road. H road was double track - with a singletrack line which climbed gradually with no hike a bike required

At times there were great views as the trail broke from the trees

We came to the short cut which was a downhill black run which was nearly vertical - after a bit of a struggle we dragged our bikes up and got onto the dirt road heading up for the Alamo Wagon Road.

We came to the Alamo Wagon road and headed down

The trail got more narrow as it dropped downwards

We eventually connected onto the Old Sand Road

The old sandon road eventually opened up onto a very fast dirt rode which emptied out in new Denver across the bridge from where we started

Day 9 - Wilson Creek Trails

The night before we had dinner at the Mexican restaurant rose briar, and the owner said there was great riding over at Wilson Creek at Rosebery

So Clare dropped me off up Wilson creek and then headed back to New Denver and I set off down the wilson creek trail

The trail was fantastic great rolling tight singletrack all the way - not much in the way of views but I loved the ride - it made nice change from all the white knuckled breaking required on most of the other trails ridden so far

Nice solid bridges

Great mossy singletarck

Short Steep sections

Tight twisty smooth singletrack in the trees near the bottom of the trail

We then drove to Rossland (the nice lady at Villa dome let me use their hottub shower even though we had checked out)

Out of time now I'll post more later - will be riding Comfortably numb tomorrow :thumbsup: and the weather forecast is full a full day of Sunshine :D
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