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Today we drove to Golden from Canmore

Along the way we stopped at Lake Louise and rented a canoe to get away from the crowds

We stopped off at Emerald Lake and some Natural bridge place as well - before driving to the kicking horse resort. I then left Clare at the resort and headed off to the Moonraker trails to ride the Canyon rim / ridge ride. I started off at the the upper car park and rode up 2% road

The Mosquitoes were out in force so I didn't stop to take too many pictures as I had no Deet, most of pics in this report are captures from my head cam. 2% road eventually started to head down and revert to singletrack

It was quite wet in places (which explains all the skeeters)

Eventually the trail came out onto the canyon edge which was pretty spectacular

After riding along the canyon ridge the trail dives off down some steep singletrack switch backs

The trail then came back out onto the canyon edge

Before heading back into the woods where I scared a hiker while shouting to scare off bears

At the junction with the moonraker trails I discovered my front mech had broken and I could not change gears - so I headed off down the trail towards 2% road rather than riding the moonraker trails

The trail down to 2% road was smooth and fast

View of lake near lower car park

I then rode back up 2% road to the car and drove back to the kicking horse resort - we ate at the local hero pub (Which was overpriced and not very good)

The next day I was able to buy an LX front mech from the ski resort and Clare went and saw Boo the bear at the grizzly preserve

We then set off for revelstoke - unfortunately it was pouring with rain for the whole journey so we didn't see any mountain views as we drove through glacier park, we did manage to get out for a paddle on the lake where we were staying in between rain showers in the evening

well got to get ready to drive to rossland now
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