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can you still buy tracers?

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any about on sale? I want to see how the tracer rides compared to my friends 01 stumpjumper fsr xc. How does it compare? Worth buying a tracer at a reduced price over a spesh 07 fsr?

I have a moots ti 0 degree 105mm stem that is sitting here. I got it from moots a year ago. Singletrack magazine just reviwed ti hardtails and said they liked the thomson and hope stem compared to the moots stem.I can't understand this...would the moots be a good'n for the tarcer or should I sell it and get a normal stem?

Could someone explain the advantages of having a stiff front end on the tracer? And will my moots stem help this. Need to be convinced...

Lots of questions, any help appreciated.
Soon to be new tracer owner, mezz
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The Tracer was a great bike and one of my all time favorites but at this point I would not recommend buying one. They have been out of production for a few years. That means there is no warranty or or spare parts for them anymore.
Oh, and don't really worry about the stem just because of something you read. Any quality stem will be just fine. Thomson just has more recognition when it comes to stems because they are overall some of the best built and best looking.
Thanks Hecubus, thanks for quick reply.

What would you reommend instead? I understand about spare parts being an issue but in terms of design, the fsr can't be outdated compared to the bikes in production now, a titus switchblade maybe? I have an intense 5.5 so know how good they are, love vvp as much as fsr.

The tracer is just over 6 pounds so maybe buying now I will be a little let-down compared to Spesh carbon overings. I've heard aluminuim gets worse over the years so maybe that is an issue.

One shop I know has a new tracer for sale that hasn't sold since 2003, so inaffect its still brand spanking new. Would you still not recommend the tracer even if its new? Is it really that out dated now that we are soonn to be seeing 2007 bikes.

I would check with Intense to see if the frame (if it is new) would come with the waranty. I believe it would. As far as spare parts go, I don't believe any parts are hard to find. I have a Tracer and have spare r. derailler hangers, pivot bolts, bearings. I love my Tracer. I think it is a great, great bike. How much do they want for the new frame?
Seen one for $900. Good deal, i don't know. I can't imagine many new one's about in bike shops. This must be the last tracer most likely.
I think I will go ahead and buy, lets hope it's still for sale.
Check with Intense about warranty. In particular the availability of things like swing arms and struts. They are well built bikes but seat towers and swingarms can break every once in a while. Spare parts like hangers are no problem. It shares the same hanger as the Spider/5.5. Bearings are standard issue and the bolts while I think are custum made you should be able to find matching replacements. If the price is absolutely right then go for it but even if the frame is new I would not absolutely not consider paying anymore than 500 or 600 for it. Used ones go for much less. $900 is too much even for a nearly 4 year old new bike. Its just that at this point the Tracer is a fine bike but it is a little dated in design and the supply issue is a big concern. I normally wouldnt consider a Specialized as my first choice but given the situation I would unquestionably pick a new Stumpy over a "new" Tracer.
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Molasses said:
I would check with Intense to see if the frame (if it is new) would come with the waranty. I believe it would. As far as spare parts go, I don't believe any parts are hard to find. I have a Tracer and have spare r. derailler hangers, pivot bolts, bearings. I love my Tracer. I think it is a great, great bike. How much do they want for the new frame?
Those are not the spare parts I'm refering to. Thats standardized stuff which is pretty easy to find. My biggest concern would be stuff like rocker arms which are virtually impossible to find, swingarms and front triangles. These bikes were very nice and the 03's were much improved and reinforced over earlier ones but the seat towers can break, or the horst link can crack. They were not as robust as the VPP models.
Tracers rear end is totally out of alignment!

UPDATE. After owning an Intense 5.5 from 04-06 I decided to sell it and buy a new 01 red Tracer. I bought the Tracer last October, the frame had never left the shop in all that time so was brand new. I got the Tracer built up in August this year and now after only six rides the frames badly out of alignment which I believe was like that since new but only has become apparent now after a few rides as these things are hard to see without a jig. My frame is still mint, not a stone chip nothing.

Last weekend I lost a horst link bolt from the linkage that came out while riding to my local bike shop in town! I have a spare set of horst link bolts and some main pivot bolts but they're useless as I'll just keep losing them because of the bad alignment. Basically the rear end feels loose as hell and if you hold the chainstay it wobbles between the horst link bolts and the bearings with all bolts done up. The bolts/spacers are backing out from the bearings causing metal on metal contact on the drivetrain side. All the bolts are done up as far as they'll go with the right-hand spacers visible when looking from above and below where as they should be plush against each other. When building the Tracer my lbs had trouble with the correctly sized reducers for the rear shock to fit in the CNC linkage (I had to get custom longer ones made) so I think the linkage is off as well. I'm a light rider and have never broken anything, not even a chain! I've pumped so much money into this frame and other intense frames, getting everything double checked and maintained. Only fifty miles on this frame sucks! Either the bike shops are all bad or it's the frame and I'm sorry to say it's probably the frame.

For the warranty I was told I'd be covered for two years from the date of purchase. Tracer bought new. It cost a lot to get the frame built up so this time off the bike isn't really what I needed or expect /from a high end frame. Will intense cover the extra labor costs involved in replacing all my parts from my old frame to a new one? I suppose the front could be out of alignment but I'm pretty sure it's the rear end chainstay and seatstay.

The Tracer is getting old, last production run 2003, it's a great machine that still deserves its passionate following. Hope that some of the problems with quality control aren't too common as these guys make some of the best frames, period.

So was it worth it, no. So far after two emails to Intense I've heard nothing back. So I phoned Intense warranty up who told me to contact my local distrubuter Extra UK who then told me they were waiting for Intense to get back to them! :madman: Why so slow, I emailed Maverick about some issues with their products last week and got three replies from different people all trying to help me with my problem and a replacement part was shipped the same day! :eekster:

The frame in question before I built it up in August

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